Friday, January 23, 2009

Debbie's First Project

This is the first quilt project Debbie had made. Debbie did a great job on the Pine Tree table runner, all her points matched and her choices of materal worked well together, she did a good job in machine quilting. I am very proud of a wonderful job she did. She is hooked on quilting, and started a new quilt. I will post it when she is done with the next quilt. Keep up the great work sis. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Table Topper

I made these table toppers for Christmas 2008. I gave one to Lynn S., Lisa and myself, It was a great addition to the center of our table.

Kitchen Towels

I made these kitchen towles for Christmas gifts 2008, for my friends on the Cape. I gave on to Lisa as well I kept one. The towels and pattern I bought at a quilt show on Cape Cod. The buttons are in shapes of coal, it made the snowman look real. They were lots of fun to make.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Book

I finished reading this book. I have received it for Christmas from my nephew (Matthew). I have red all of Jennifer Chiaverini's books on Elm Creek series. I have enjoyed all of them and when a new book comes out I have to read it. One of my quilter friends (Jan K.) had turn me on to the Elm Creek series. It is all about quilting and friendships. :)

Lexus RX300

This is my new wheels to get around in Wisconsin. I bought the car from my niece (Lisa), it is a 2002 SUV and it drives like a truck in the snow. This is much better that my 2001 Chevy Corvette. I enjoy driving this car and it handles great. Thanks Lisa :)

Common Area

Here is a picture of our Common area in our cal-de-sac. It has a lamp post in the middle. Many neighbors walk their dog in this area.

View of the back yard.

Here is a view of our back yard and the property line is outlined with trees. I wil be taking better pictures in the summer. Debbie said it is very pretty in the Spring.

3301 West Colette Court

Here is the front view of the hours Debbie and I are renting . Yes, that is snow and there is about 2 1/2" on the ground.

Gideon and Reggy

Gideon and Reggy is helping me to fold laundry... They wanted to see how the dryer works and the cats love the warmth of the dryer.

Unique Shapes

Here are one of the unique shape of chedar cheese. They have the very BEST homemade Cheese Bread I have ever had. :)

Here is a picture of part of the bulding we were in,( Mars' Cheese Castle ).

Mars' Cheese Castle

On January 4, 2009, Debbie, Lisa , John and I went to Mars' Cheese Castle. We had lunch there and then we shopped. It is a great place for all types of cheese's and pastries as well as for souvenirs. We all enjoyed our outting. :)

Welcome to Wisconsin

When I entered into Wisconsin in September '08, this is the sign that greeted you.... I thought that it was unique. :)