Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gift in the Mail

Don't you just love the unexpected gifts that comes in the mail ..... The mail lady delivered this package and look what was inside... A good Friend of mine sent me this coffee mug and Mug Mat that she made.... It is beautiful and I love it... This lovely lady lives on the Cape Cod, MA.... Thanks so much Susan, you are way too generous, but I love ya, this rose is for you Thanks .... :)

What I woke up to this morning :(

This is what I woke up to this morning.... UCK!!!!! The weatherman said last night that we would only get rain... Yeah right.... The two pictures are a view out my back door... We had about 2 1/2" of fresh fallen heavy snow... I felt like I was in the house in the snow globe and someone shook it up... They were big flakes... But, all in all it is so beautiful when it sticks to the trees...... Can someone out there tell Mother Nature that we are soooooo ready for spring!!! Well, I guess I will have to just sew today. Weeeee!!!!  :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

I forgot to show you this scarf my sister made for me....Debbie's co-worker taught her this pattern to knit... I fell in love with it and asked her to make me a scarf... The picture does not do it any justice, it has a lacy effect to it... If you click on the picture you can see more details of the scarf...  Thanks sis for the lovely scarf... :)

Table Topper's

This table runner sits on our kitchen table ... The pattern is called "Fast Flipped Table Runner".... I needed something for our table and This pattern was quick and easy to make.... If you click on it you will see the decorated stitches I used.... :)
This table topper I made in 2009... The pattern is called "Center Stage"... This topper sits on our dinning room table... It is perfect for the table because, we have a round dinning room table... I enjoyed making this topper... :)