Monday, July 8, 2013

Birthday Flowers...

Last month I had my 63 Birthday... I was given a Birthday Party from my Friends... I got these flowers and I thought I would share them with you... :)

Below is a picture when I was 6 years old with my little sister who is 2... Boy have time pass so quickly.... Hugs :)



A few thing I have done

This is a table topper a friend wanted for a special table she has.... She wanted a fall runner and with pumpkin's on it ... She was very happy with it... Hugs :)

This is a Breast Cancer quilt that I quilted for the Guild.... These blocks were our block of the month that our guild did.... Mary put it together and asked for someone at the guild to quilt it... When no one offered to quilt I said I would do it.... This picture does no justis for the quilt... It is very puffy and it is comfy... Hugs :)

My Grandson has asked for a Hedgehog .... His parents would not give him one so I decided to make one for him... You see he did not ask for a real one... Below you will see what I did for him... He will get it soon... I can't wait to see how he reacts to it... Enjoy :)

Here is the Hedgehog.... It is really a pincushion, and a friend of mine gave me one and then I borrowed her pattern... He is made all from wool... :)

I bought a basket to put him in... Here you see the mattress..:)

The Hedgehog fit perfect... :)

I made a small quilt for him... Now my grandson can put him in is basket and cover him up... LOL ... I know he will love this... Hugs :)