Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year

I want to wish all my Friends and Family a "Happy and Healthy New Year"... The includes to everyone in "Blog Land... " I am back so keep an eye out to see what I am up to... Hugs and Stitches :)

What happen since I moved

Hi all and I have to let you all know what I have done since I have moved.... My sister was concern that I have not posted nothing for a while... So, I hope I do not bore you in this post... Enjoy  :)

We got snow in February, we got 4 inches of snow and Barbara and her neighbor was scrapping ice off their street because the mailman could not make it up the street... Here in NC everything comes to a stand still when it snows.... They do not plow streets... :
I made this cork board with wine corks I got from Amazon... I got the idea from my sister's friend... They had made one for her and I loved it... It is in my quilting studio... If you click on the picture you can get a better look at it.... Thanks for the idea Debbie... :)

This is a TV stand I got for my living room... Barbara's husband goes to auctions and he got this cabinet for $50 ... I needed a TV stand and I fell in love with it... It is oak and I am a big fan of oak... It fits perfect in my living room... :)

I found this picture at a consignment shop for $20... I fell in love with it and it now is in my spare room... Oh I forgot to let you all know that I am starting life over and I needed lots of things... :)

 While I was organizing my sewing room I decided to hang my rulers on the back of the door... I saw it somewhere and I thought it was a great idea... My sewing room is small and all ideas to save space I am all for it... :)

A friend of mine lost her Grandson (18 years old) in a car accident... She asked if I would make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter... Yes, I was able to get little quilting done... It was completed and delivered to her daughter... She cried when she saw and loved it.... :)

This is the back... It is not so pretty but I put the flannel shirts on the back... The cat kept running on the quilt and that is why there is a wrinkle in the lower left corner... :)

Last but least here is my two girls... The top picture is the baby (Cali) who I just adopted three weeks ago... Cali is about 3 mo. old... The second picture is my Princess ... She is sitting on the ledge watching be doing some Christmas baking...  They sure make life interesting and entertaining... Hugs:) 

 I hope you enjoy all these pictures I am going to try my best to post more regular and to get more sewing done... I am long over due to sew...  I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas and My you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year.... Hugs and Stitches to all  :)