Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Cabin Fever Shop Hop"

Yesterday I went on a bus trip to 5 different Quilt Shops.... The trip was called "Cabin Fever Shop Hop"... There was 31 of us ladies who went... First we went to "Royce Quilting" shop in West Ben, WI.... then off to "The Sewing Basket" in Plymouth, to "Material Matters" in Cedarburg, WI... while we were here, I went across the street to "The Chocolate Factory" to get a turkey sandwich.. It was YUMMY... then off to "The Quilted Basket" in Menomonee Falls, WI...and Then off to "Patch Works" in Elm Grove, WI.... :) We started our day in West Bend at 8:30 am and returned back at West Bend to get our car to go home at 5:15 pm....At each shop they gave us discounts on our purchases and served sweets and or soup.... They also gave each of us a recipe and a free pattern from each shop... The shops listed above also gave us a $10.00 off coupon for our next return trip to their shops...:) This was a way I got to know other quilters and meet new people.... since I am new to the area and it was a great chance to see where there is other Quilt Shops were....Everyone was very friendly and on the bus as well as in the shops.... But, we know that quilters are friendly and nice... Some have great idea's and was willing to share their stories in how they got started in quilting... :)

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Susan In Texas said...

How fun! And a $10 coupon at each place? Nice. But what did you buy? Don't tell me you went to 5 quilt stores (which was your favorite?) and didn't buy anything. Impossible!

I don't know what it is about quilting, but it does only seem to attract nice people. (Oh, there are always a few solitary members of the quilt police around, but that's more of an affectation than pure meanness. lol)

Happy Stitching,