Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Siggy Quilt

This is my Christmas Siggy Quilt.... I had sewn the top together but, I do have one more border to add on.... For those who do not know what a Siggy Quilt is, let me tell you.... I joined a quilt group called "Dear Jane Alternative" and there are men and woman all over the world that joined as well... This quilt was a Christmas Swap and the rules in it was... center square to be 3 1/2" and light material... The outer square had to be in quality Christmas fabric.... in the center square we had to put our name, year, country, town and state you lived in and "Merry Christmas" in our native language. There were 165 of us who signed up for the swap and each of us had to make at least 165 squares of our own.... We had a deadline to get our squares done and mail to one person (known as Siggy Mom), and she would separate them in to 165 piles then ship them out to all who signed up for the swap... We did send postage along with our 165 Siggy's...It was like Christmas when the package arrived... So, many different blocks from all over the world...I had so much fun doing this so, I signed up for the Birthday '08 and '09 swap and the international swap... I am busy as the swap goes.... :)


Wilma said...

Hi Jean, Your Christmas siggie quilt is very pretty. You did a great job. Hope mine will turn out as well.

Wilma Dunn Simons

Susan In Texas said...

How beautiful! I love your design; it works really well. How clever to think of separating out the different colors into major groupings like that. I haven't seen it done that way before. Very cool! I see that my siggy got what I consider "pride of place" at the top center in the red group. How flattering, - even if its placement was totally random lol. I'm glad you got one of the fully beaded ones anyway. I did about 95 beaded, but then I ran out of beads and the deadline was looming large. I'm afraid that my batch of Christmas siggies are still in their baggy in the closet, but now you've given me something to think about...

Happy Quilting,
Susan in Texas

Marianna said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Love them both, the heart placemats/table topper and the x-mas siggy quilt! Did you do the sewing by hand or machine for the x-mas siggy quilt? Did it work to cut all the siggies to the smae size? Hugs, Marianna

Elly D said...

Your Christmas siggy top looks wonderful Jean :-D

Anonymous said...

Jean...your quilt is beautiful! I haven't even given any thought to how I'll put my siggies together, but seeing your quilt gives me inspiration. Very well done.


Cyn said...

Love your Siggy quilt.. . it's a real stunner!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Your Christmas Siggie quilt is INCREDIBLE!!!

*long sigh*

I wish I could find the time, to put mine together... *s*

Thanks for the birthday siggie, my friend!!!


Suze said...

Oh............ It looks lovely finished. I will have to work on mine one day soon.