Monday, March 9, 2009

Debbie's "Snowball Quilt" in the making

Debbie has 6 rows completed for her "Snowball Quilt".... She is doing a awesome job and works on it when she can.... It is made of Christmas fabric's....She is in no hurry to complete it and in hopes to have it done to put on the couch in the Den for Christmas....She is trying to work on it one day a week, due to the fact she works full time and If nothing is planned for the week-end, she will on the quilt.... It rained this week-end and we sewed on Saturday for about 5 hours... Then it was time to take a break... I needed to go to the store for some thread for my next project.....Keep up the great job Deb, I am proud of you and your quilting..... :)

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