Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Very Special Quilt

When my sister came home on Thursday she had this special package to give me.... I had no idea what it was.... My Best Friend on the Cape was in touch with Debbie, and mailed the package to where Debbie works.... That was so she could talk pictures of me opening the package..... I was ever so surprised to see the signature quilt inside the box..... All my Special Friends on the Cape Cod signed and wrote special sayings on their blocks.... I have never felt sooo, humble... It brought tears to my eye's as I was reading each block... I had belongs to "Cape Cod Quilters", "Pickles (Persian) Group", "Saturday Sewing Society" and "The Studio Girls".... We shared lots of idea's and helped each other when we needed it..... The Ladies have a Very Special place in my heart .... The back of the quilt has the Quilter's Poem embroidered on it..... The Poem goes .....

Quilter's Poem

Love is a quilt - a quilt is love
Both love and a quilt should be
Soft enough to comfort you,
Bright enough to cheer you,
Generous enough to enfold you,
Light enough to let you move freely,
Strong enough to withstand adversity
Durable enough to last a lifetime,
And given gladly, from the heart.

Author Unknown

So, when I need a hug, I will wrap myself into this lovely quilt and think of all my friends are here and giving me a hug.... It will always be Very Special to me and no one will be using it but me, but, if my sister is sick and need special hugs, I will let her wrap herself in it.... That is because I always share....I THANK all these lovely LADIES from the bottom of my heart for their Friendship, Kindness, and very fond memories as well lots of Laughter..... Love You all .... :)

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Susan In Texas said...

What a precious gift! How special you must be to all those lovely ladies that they would make this wonderful quilt for you. It must have been very hard to say goodbye to them.

Happy quilting,