Monday, September 21, 2009

North Shore Quilters Guild

The first picture is some of the women who showed up for day 2 of the workshop.... There were more of us on the first day... We had at least 21 sewers......The second picture is of Dorine, she is the Guild member who organize the making and distributing of the  "Love and Comfort Quilt" .... Dorine was passing out candy to everyone in the afternoon..... What goes better with sewing  than chocolate when making quilts.... We had a two day workshop to put all these quilts together... When I left the workshop on the second day we had a count of 75 quilts completed...    Now for the folks who do not know what "Love and Comfort Quilt" are .... The North Shore Quilter's Guild is committed to making Quilt's to provide "Love and Comfort" for infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units of area hospitals... There are 7 hospitals on our list....:)

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