Thursday, October 15, 2009

Braeden New Sweater and Hat

Breaden has a new hat and sweater made by a friend of mine.... When I saw the hat on her blog, I asked her to make me a hat for Braeden... I was suprised when I open the package and saw the sweater as well.... I wish you could see the top of the hat, because it looks like a pumpkin with a stem and all.....It is a little big for him now and I am sure he will be wearing it next year... My neice said she wished it would fit her head so she can wear it....Thanks to my special friend (You know who you are) You out did yourself.... Miss ya, :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Work

I have finished quilting the Red Work quilt.... I hope you can see the quilting on it, if you can't, click on the picture to make it larger.... I hand quilted it except around the outside of the squares, I had machine stiched it in the ditch.... This is my first Red Work project, and it was fun to do...I just love to do hand work and now I am hooked in doing more.... There is one block that I made a mistake on but, you can't see it....And I did not discover until I was just about finished quilting it.... I will be giving this to my son, to have in his apartment for the winter... He wants to put it on his couch....I did say before that I was giving it to his girlfriend for Christmas but, they broke up... Oh, well such is life.... :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mini Fall Giveaway

 There is a Mini-Giveaway for the fall at Fabric Artist 21.... This is a new blog and you can read all about it at  .... So, head on over and check her blog... You will not be disapointed... :)