Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Red Work

I have finished quilting the Red Work quilt.... I hope you can see the quilting on it, if you can't, click on the picture to make it larger.... I hand quilted it except around the outside of the squares, I had machine stiched it in the ditch.... This is my first Red Work project, and it was fun to do...I just love to do hand work and now I am hooked in doing more.... There is one block that I made a mistake on but, you can't see it....And I did not discover until I was just about finished quilting it.... I will be giving this to my son, to have in his apartment for the winter... He wants to put it on his couch....I did say before that I was giving it to his girlfriend for Christmas but, they broke up... Oh, well such is life.... :)


Colleen said...

Very nice! I love doing stitchery too.

Suze said...

You did a beautiful job of stitching and quilting that quilt.

Glad this one did not get the gift before the breakup.

I bought the fabric on Saturday to make one for Kim (daughter-in-law.

I found a white on white with random dots sort of like snowflakes coming down.

I am going to do mine in blue because that is Jason's favorite color.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kristie Leigh said...

I love your Redwork quilt. You did a beautiful job stitching it. Who designed this pattern?

Judy S. said...

Very nice! I LOVE redwork.