Friday, November 6, 2009

My Visit on The Cape

As you all know I moved to WI in Sept. 2008 .... I lived on the Cape and made many friends there.... This picture and the ones below are some of the friends that I made... The group is SSS and they meet once a month .... They changed there date so I could see all the friends that I made.... Some of the ladies even got a chance to sew.... I went around the room and chatted with them all and I also did some hand sewing that I brought with me....The luncheon was special and I was a guest of honor.... We had so much to eat that I am sure not too many of us ate dinner after the feast we had.... It was great to get together with everyone and it felt like I never left.... There are a few more friends that I visited and did not get pictures.... It was great visiting them as well and  catch up with them.... I want to thank them all for taking time to visit and spend time with me.....We all picked up where we left off .... Thanks Ladies....There was a couple of ladies I did not get to see.... One was on Vacation and the other had company and could not get away..... Sorry, I miss you Peg and Vickie..... I love and Miss you all.... :)

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