Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland #8 and Bonus square

The top right block is called "Skier" and the block, lower left is called a bonus block...The pattern said "Hi ! I sledded right off the quilt ! Can you find a home for me ?"  I am going to put him into the quilt... I have two big blocks left to embroider .... Then I will be able to put this quilt together...It sure has been a long process... But, I enjoyed doing this ... I know everyone must be tired of seeing the same things, I just want to finish a project when I start a new one... I am also working an unfinished project and hope to have it completed soon.... :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hi, to all my friends and family as well as everyone in Blogland.... I want to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE DAY.... I will be at a Christening on Valentine's Day, I wanted to extend my wishes to all....I am sending a BIG hug to you all... Enjoy your day.... :)

Winter Wonderland # 7

I finished Block #7 of Winter Wonderland last week .... This block is called "Toboggan" , How sweet these two snow people look... So, much fun.. just like when we all were kids... Block #8 is almost done..I will post it next week... I bet everyone is tired of seeing these blocks... But, you see I have been in a slump in thinking what I will do next... I have a new project that I will start week after next... Thanks for stopping...  :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland # 6

This block is called "Holly" to the Winter Wonderland pattern.... This is block # 6 and it was quick and very easy to complete.... The picture below shows how long it is.... I will keep you posted when I get the rest of the blocks done.... It is going to make a very pretty quilt.... :)


I took the picture this way so you can see the how long the Holly is on the whole fabric.... The length of the material is 44" long ... :)