Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland #8 and Bonus square

The top right block is called "Skier" and the block, lower left is called a bonus block...The pattern said "Hi ! I sledded right off the quilt ! Can you find a home for me ?"  I am going to put him into the quilt... I have two big blocks left to embroider .... Then I will be able to put this quilt together...It sure has been a long process... But, I enjoyed doing this ... I know everyone must be tired of seeing the same things, I just want to finish a project when I start a new one... I am also working an unfinished project and hope to have it completed soon.... :)


Susan said...

I saw Vickie last night. We talked about how well you are coming along with that quilt. I am looking forward to seeing it finished.

marjan said...

Jean, it all lookes very nice.
Ther's is something on it's way for you.
Greetings Marjan

Quilts And Pieces said...

Found your comment on Andrea's blog (Welsh Quilter) and wanted to say hi! I live just over the IL/WI state line and noticed the "Quilting in Mequon", so of course had to check your blog out! I'm working on this same quilt, but not as far along as you. I go in spurts with the blocks. I"m in a not working on it spurt right now!

Karen said...

Cute stitcheries!