Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter Quilt Show

These quilts were at the Winter Quilt Show in West Ben, WI.....These are some of the quilts that were on display and some were for sale....The top picture was made of cotton and the snowflakes were flannel... How diffrent it was....In the next one I just love the contrast of the red cardinal against the blue background and the white tree....The next one down, I fell in love with this table topper .... There are so many diffrent  prints that you can use in this pattern... I even bought this pattern...I took a picture of the next one is because my sister loves cats... I thought that the cat has cute expression on its face....The last two just caught my eye... Hope you all enjoyed these...They also had all kinds of long arm quilting machines and stands.... :)


Katy & Ruth said...

Gram has the pattern for the cat and adele has the pattern for the bottom one. The lady that did the pattern for the bottom one came and did a talk the guild this past september. She was very good! Keep watching my block I will be posting pictures of the bargello quilt gram and I took a class on.

Susan In Texas said...

The second one from the bottom is really cool! Is that swirly quilting on the white fabric? It's hard to tell from this picture if it's the pattern on the fabric or quilting. Love the cat too. 8) Sounds like it was a really nice show.