Friday, April 30, 2010

Lisa's Quilt

I know this is not a great picture of this quilt but I just washed it and I did not want to get cat hair on it... This quilt is King size, the pattern is "Turning Twenty"...  Lisa made the quilt top, Her mother (my sister) put the borders on and did the binding, and I quilted it... We call this quilt a family quilt, because we all had a part in it... This is the first quilt top that Lisa has made and she did a great job on her own with little instructions.... Great job on all our parts... :)


Susan In Texas said...

What a lovely Irish quilt! I'm familiar with Turning Twenty, but I've never seen it done with shamrocks before. Nice!


Susan said...

The family that quilts together, stays together. What a wonderful project.