Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Walking in Winter Wonderland

I finally finished "Walking in Winter Wonderland"... I machine quilted the quilt and it fits the top of my queen size bed... I was hoping that it would be a great lap quilt.... If you remember the extra block (snowman riding a toboggan) that I made, I will be using it for my label... I am not posting the label because the person who is getting this might see my blog.... I do not want to spoil the Christmas surprise.... I know they will love it....  One Christmas gift finished.... I am now ahead and I hope to keep up and get my other Christmas gifts sewed...... :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Halloween Give Away :)

Hop on over to the Squash House Quilts and see the wonderful give away... There is embroidery  with crayon... Something that I know you all would enjoy... Also, They have a wonderful blog.. So, do not let this chance go by  and check this blog out and enter to win...  So, hop on over to their blog at  ... :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini Vacation

Grandma (aka Debbie) put Braeden in a small car to ride at the outlet mall in Wisconsin Dells.... He had fun pushing all the buttons .... :)

Braeden had taken the pancake off his mother's plate... Lisa was feeding him small pieces of her pancake and he decided to help himself.... :)

Braeden was enjoying the beautiful day playing in his Pack in Play.... :)

This is Frankie he is a Schnauzer..... He enjoyed the wonderful days we had ... :)
This is a picture of Lake Wisconsin in Lodi..... We  ( me, my sister (Debbie), her daughter and husband (Lisa and John), Braeden (their son) and their two dogs (Frankie and Dublin), took a 4 day vacation... We rented a house on this lake ... It had 4 BR, Living room, Kitchen and a screened in porch...If you click on the picture you can see some of the houses that was across from where we stayed... The weather was wonderful the four day that we were there....:)
This little beauties is Dublin....She is a Chihuahua  and Pug mixed ... She enjoyed her vacation as well as everyone...:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I WON.... :)

I won the give away that "Joy Patch" was having .... I received these two lovely patterns from Joy... The pattern on the left is "Square Dance ... Quilt as you go"...and the pattern on the right is called " Honeybun Fun... Sewing Set".... :) The patterns are designed and made by Joy Coey at Brisbane Queensland Australia....She also sent a note saying "Congratulations on winning my give away... Happy Stitching ...  Joy :) " ... Thank you so much for the lovely patterns... This is my First win... I will enjoy doing these projects....:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Country Cousins Block #4

This is Country Cousins Block #4 .... The block is called Garden Medallion... As I said before, that I am enjoy doing the needle turn applique... I have 14 more blocks to go... One day I will have this done if I keep at it.... I hope you enjoy seeing all the blocks when they are finished.... :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Give Away

A wonderful give away at Irish Muses Blog.... She is have a give away for celebrating her second year Blogging... You can reach her Blog here at  .... So, hop over there and check her blog out ... It is great... :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Birthday

As you can see I celebrated my 60th Birthday on June 29, 2010.....After my Sister took us all out to dinner we came home to enjoy this ice cream cake, it was delicious... The Birthday signs are what my sister posted around the house for me, (one in  the bathroom, one on the coffee maker and one on my sewing machine) ... She had to go to work so, she wanted to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday....:)
The Sunflower Pin cushion  is from a great gal who lives on the Cape... I will sure use it when I doing my needle turn.... It is so, beautiful and I have never seen one like it... Thanks Robyn :) 
The Paddington Bear came from Harrods of London... My best friend and her family went to London and while visiting there they bought me this Bear for my Birthday, I have collected bears for some time... They also gave me a gift certificate to Heartbeats Quilt Shop... I will be using this while I visit her in October... Thanks Lynn and John :)
 I got a Crazy Quilting, complete guide book from my nephew, Thanks Matt :)
I also received a Gift certificate from my niece and her family, for a massage... Thanks Lisa, John and Braeden... What a special day... :)
The next picture is a Beautiful Quilt Rack, My sister gave this to me for my Birthday.... She had it made for me... I just love it, and it is what I had wanted for a long time...A GREAT BIG THANKS  Sis... And, Thanks for making my day so special... I am lucky to have a Great Sister like you... Thanks Debbie :)
The last picture is Braeden (Lisa and John's son), who is 9 mo. old, he enjoyed the celebration as we all did...What a wonderful day it was... I do not feel 60 but, what does 60 feel like? I have no idea... Thanks all very, very much... I love you all... :)