Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brainy Baby Ball

These two balls are called "Brainy Baby Ball"... I made one for a boy and girl to donate to the Cape Cod Guild... They will be putting them into their quilt show.. I hope who ever gets these will enjoy them... The pattern is very easy to do and it is fat quarter friendly... I use to belong to the Guild when I lived on Cape Cod.... :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ruth's Quilt Tops and Jodie

Hi, here are a few more pictures that I took of Ruth's quilt tops that I helped her to put together... The first one was a kit from "Sweet Treats" ... If you click on the picture you can see Horses... The fabrics that came with the horse fabrics was all landscape... We thought it was way too busy so, we went shopping... A good excuse to go to a fabric shop, LOL.... We had added the light green, beige and the batik... Now, it is ready to be quilted... :)
The second picture (pink) is also a "Sweet Treat" material.... I just love all the flowers and the colors... We could not find border fabric so, Ruth is going to wait till she gets home on the Cape to find border material for the Pink quilt top.... :)
The third picture is Jodie, ( Ruth's dog) what a sweetie she is... She is just a big baby at 2 years old.... Jodie would find a branch outside or a stick and bring it into the house... She will not give it to you unless you give her a treat... She is so smart, I had so much fun with her and laughs... :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wall Quilt

This wall quilt is called "Silhouette"...It is a mirror image of a Girl quilting.... I made this to put in our Quilt Show...I had bought this pattern from a guest speaker we had at Cape Cod Quilter's meeting.... That was about 4 years ago and I decided to finally make it.... It was very easy, and fun to do... Click on the picture so you can get a better look at it.... :) 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Special Gifts

A fellow quilter on Cape Cod had made the wonderful socks for me as a Thank You for her Christmas Gift ... Since I live in Wisconsin she wanted me to have warm feet... Thanks so much Susan I truly love them... Susan is so talented and does so many things... If you go to the right side of my blog and go to Susan blog called "Thread and I ," you will see all the wonderful things that she makes.... Hugs to you Susan ... :)
I was in Florida on Valentine's Day and when I returned on the 16th....I had received this heart pincushion in the mail from Susan... This was my only gift that I got for Valentine's Day... I felt so humble to receive such a lovely gift.... Thanks Susan, I love the pincushion and will always cherish it, you are way too good to me...I am lucky to have a friend lik you.... Hugs to you... :)

My Friend's Quilts

These two quilts belong to a friend of mine... Ruth had the centers all done and I put the borders on then layered them than quilted them for her.... Ruth was very pleased with them... Now, I want to do a Jo Morton quilt because I fell in love with these two.... I had fun finishing them for her, Thanks Ruth for letting me do this for you ... :)