Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Country Cousins Block #11 & 12

Moving along with my Country Cousin Blocks.... This block is called "Home Sweet Home"... This is the eleventh block that I finished... This block went pretty fast because of the big piece... I guess I am not perfect because as you see I went down hill on the green below the house... As I always say "It is what it is".... Hugs :) 
This is the 12th block that I finished of the County Cousins blocks... This block is called "Striped Flower Basket" ... As you see this is the only block that is sewed on an angle.... It is a very colorful block... I started my 13th block today and I have just three more to go... I have really enjoy this project for my first applique project... Hugs   :)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful work on your applique flowers. I love applique very rewarding when completed.

Thanks for sharing your project.

Carolyn :)

John'aLee said...

They are beautiful! Can't wait to see the thing finished!

Hanne said...

Your blocks looks lovely :-)