Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jacob and Alex

Hi, to all my blogger friends... I am still around and have not posted in a while...I am still trying to get settled...I have not finished anything yet... but, I am close to getting something finished... My son (Keith) took this picture of my Grandson (Jacob #99) and his friend (Alex #94) before a game... They are wearing pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness Month... This is too funny because I asked Jacob what was his favorite color and he said Pink... When I question why pink and he said it is the new black... Go figure... What do I know... I will see his game a week from today.. I can't wait and his parents are not going to tell him I will be there... Hugs :)


Jan Marie said...

I am enjoying your blog.

Love Of Quilts said...

Well hello there I have wonder about you. Didn't know you had moved that's a big job so when you get settled in tell us all about your new home. Trish