Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jacob's 9th Birthday

Last weekend I went to CT to celebrate Jacob (my grandson) 9th Birthday... After pizza and grinders Jacob opened his gifts... I also added a picture of his dog (Kyle) who was excited to see so many people in his house.... Jacob's birthday is the 5th of November, but because of the snow storm they had to delay til last weekend... Yes, that is a picture of me and Jacob than one of my son (Keith), Jacob and me... I just take awful pictures... The last picture is Jacob in his Halloween costume... He wanted to show what he would be if there was a Halloween... Halloween was canceled because of the storm and no power for 9 days.. So, Keith, Jacob and Jacob's mom got together with another family.... They had their kids get in there costumes and then the parents hid in the bedrooms with candles by the door and in the room... Each child knocked on the bedroom door and said "Trick or Treat" and they would get candy from each parent... Not bad thinking because of no power and a snow storm outside.... All had a great time at the party and on Halloween... Hugs :)

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