Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grandma's Button Box

This table topper is called "Grandma's Button Box.... If you click on the picture you can see the different buttons I used... This is the first time that I made prairie  points and I found it easy.... I do not know why I did not do these before.... This topper I bought before I left Wisconsin, at Ye Ole Schoolhouse Quilt Shop in Cedarberg.... It fits perfect on my table.... I am happy the way it came out.... The second picture is the label that I put on it.... Hugs :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Amrillis and Other Things

This is a Amrilli's that I recieved from my friend for Christmas... The blosoms were beautiful... :)

These two Redwork are ready to be put in a Tabletopper... Ruth asked me to do the stitchery for her... The background fabric is cream color with white snowflakes.... The pattern these will be going in is a wonderful pattern.... I will show them when Ruth gets these done... :)

These two pictures are of Pete who is trying to help me sew this quilt... So, you ladies out there who have cats, and are in your way of sewing, I just wanted you to know you are not alone... Birds can do the same thing.... :)
I know I have not posted much this month but, I have three projects going at the same time ... Hang in there because I am starting to come to the end of two of them and I will be posting them soon.... I always finish one project first before I start another... I do not know why I decided to do three at one time.... So, don't give up on me just yet and Thanks for following my blog... Hugs :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Phyllis' Birthday Gift

My sister Phyllis' Birthday is the 19th of this month... I thought that I would take her out to dinner and give her these two pillow cases that I made for her.... I am sure she will be surprised and she will love these cases.... Hugs :)