Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grace"s Jacket and Wounded Worrier Quilts

This is Grace's new jacket (swetshirt)... Her mom wanted the Harley Davison patch on it... Oh, I forgot to tell you that Grace is a dog (Pug)... She will be quite sweet in this swetshirt... Enjoy Grace.. :)

Here is Jan and Carol working on the quilts... Lynn is giving them instruction on how to quilt them... :)

Sally was looking at the quilt that Kathy made... Kathy was getting ready to layer it to quilt... :)

Of course Judy was quilting a quilt... I think she was threading her machine because she ran out of thread... :)

This is the lable we put on the quilts... Sorry, it is blurry but it say's "Created especially for you by The Cape Cod Quilters Guild 2012"... We also attached a baggie with washing instructions and a color catcher... :)

This quilt is all finished... These quilts will go to wounded service men who are in a wheel chair to cover them... I am sure they will be surprised and love what we did for them... We have about 15 lap quilts made to give... Everyone did a great job on their blocks made for these quilts... The ladies did a wonderful job quilting the quilts... Hugs :)


Cyn ;-) said...

I love this story and hearing about all that you and your group accomplish for the WW movement. Nice very very nice.
On another topic, thank you for visiting and following on my blog. I am now following on yours.

Anonymous said...

HI Jean,

Love the jacket/sweatshirt you made for Grace. She'll definitely look really cute wearing it. Loved the pics you took from last Saturday's sewing for the wounded warriors.