Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday Sewing Society

Adele was working this quilt... I just love it... :)

Shelia was finishing this quilt to put in the Bayberry Quilt show... She did a lot of thread painting in the peacock... She did a wonderful job on it... :)

Jan was working on a new quilt... I just surprised her... :)

Barbara was sewing the binding down on a quilt she made for her granddaughter... She embroidered her granddaughter's name in the green border... :)

Lynn was working on her granddaughters quilt... It is going to be beautiful when she is finished with it... :)

This is a quilt that Dee was working on.... I just love all the quilting she did on this... :)

I hope you will love all the wonderful thing the ladies in our group is doing... We meet once a month and sew all day.... Most of the ladies were not there because it is summer time and they had other things going on in their life.... I hope you enjoy seeing what everyone is doing... Oh, just to let you know that I do not post what I am working on till it is done... I have 5 things that need to be quilted so I can say to a friend (Sue) that I must have her title as "The Topper Lady" LOL... Hugs :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Grandson's Fish

My grandson (Jacob) went fishing with his father and caught this "big mouth bass" and he was so proud... He said he caught a lot of little ones but he got the biggest...They catch and release..... :)

Jacob and his father went camping and this is the first time they did this... This is their new tent and Jacob was so happy to be camping...Jacob told me that there was a extra room in the tent.... I have to wait to fine out how it went... Last week Jacob just got back from camp... So, to say his summer has been very busy... Hugs :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod

I went to this quilt show on the 29th of June... The group of quilter are call "Crazy Quilters of Cape Cod"... Enjoy the quilts that I posted... Hugs :)

This quilt is called postage stamp quilt... it is all the size of a square stamp... :)

This was their raffle quilt... How pretty was this quilt... Of course I did not win.... :)

This horse was amazing.. I just loved this one.. :)

There was over 200 quilt there... Lots to see and of course there were vendors as well... This vendor is a good friend of ours... Adele had a booth at this quilt show, here is her booth... :)

I hope everyone enjoyed these pictures and sorry that it is so long... I have more pictures but I did not want to bore you.... This day was Special to me because it was my Birthday and I got to spend it with nine of my great friends... We all went to lunch after and then to Cupcake Charlies... WOW what yummy cupcakes... Thanks to all my friends for making my day special... Hugs to all ... :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Happy 4th of July"

I wanted to wish all my friends, family and my blog land friends a Happy 4th of July... May everyone have a special day with their love ones... "Happy Birthday America"  Hugs :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ruth's Cross stitch

This is a cross stitch that Ruth did for her granddaughter... It is sweet that it is also combined with quilting.... She was going to make into a wall hanging... After we talked about, she decided to have it framed... It just came out beautiful... Her granddaughter loves purple and green, that is why it was quilted with these colors... Ruth you are amazing in the work you do ... Hugs :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Flip Flop Picture

This is a picture that I made.... I needed something to hang in my bathroom ... The walls are blue and I thought this will be great in the downstairs bathroom... When I was in Florida in Febuary I visited a friends house and she had a picture something like this... I asked Debbie if I could copy her and she said yes... There is no pattern for this picture ... I am very pleased how it came out... Enjoy :)