Monday, September 24, 2012

Herring Run Quilt Show

The quilts below are from the Quilt Show in Norwell, MA... The Herring Run Quilters' Guild ladies made these lovely quilts... Enjoy :)

These small quilts were on loan from Bayberry Quilt Guild on the Cape Cod... There were more of  the small quilts than wht is in the picture .... I hope you all enjoyed the show.... Hugs :)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Saturday Sewing Society

Here is Debbie working on two table toppers .... They are cute ... :)

Lynn is working on the block of the month for our guild...It is came out beautiful... :)

Jan was working on a quilt that she started some time ago... The quilt is a fun and done and I hope she finishes it because it is beautiful... :)

Christine was finishing this quilt... :)

Adele was showing some of the ladies how to make a twister without waste.... Some  are going to make it.... :)

Kathy was finishing up the sweet baby blanket with twist in the middle of this block... :)

Joan was making fleece hats for the needy children... She is always making things for the needy... :)

These two quilts were made by Barbara... The blue on has a Peddington bear theme and the other one is a Winnie Pooh them... She also stitched the children names in the border... :)

I hope I did not bore you in what this group of ladies were working on,.. We have so much fun when we get together and share our idea's ...  We get together every month... Hugs :)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget

Today is a day no one will ever forget.... Take time to reflect and say a prayer for all the people who lost their life....  My prayers goes to all the love one's who lost someone .... Hugs :)