Monday, September 24, 2012

Herring Run Quilt Show

The quilts below are from the Quilt Show in Norwell, MA... The Herring Run Quilters' Guild ladies made these lovely quilts... Enjoy :)

These small quilts were on loan from Bayberry Quilt Guild on the Cape Cod... There were more of  the small quilts than wht is in the picture .... I hope you all enjoyed the show.... Hugs :)



Anonymous said...

HI Jean,

The quilts are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Marie said...

What a beautiful selection of quilts - such talent. The first one just pops and looks like a lush wreath. Thanks for the eye candy.

Kathy said...

The quilters quilt has been busy making some beautiful quilts:0

Kathy said...

The quilters have been busy making beautiful quilts:)