Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jacob's Quilt

My grandson out grew his quilt I made him some time ago... So, I made this football quilt for him .... The pattern is called "Disappearing Nine Patch".... If you click you can get a better look... Jacob's colors for his team is gold and burgundy.... The green is the grass, light blue is the sky, the brown is the texture of the football and the gray is the color of his sweatshirt.... This quilt will fit his new bed that is full size... :)

I also made two pillow cases for him... He will have one at his Dad's house as well at his Mom's house... Jacob was so excited to get this quilt that he crawled under it right away.... Then he brought it up to his bedroom and put it on his bed .... A friend of mine (Lisa P.) quilted it for me because it was just to big to do on my machine... I will defiantly say Jacob was happy with his Christmas gift... Hugs :)

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