Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Trip to the Amish Country

I went on a trip to Lancaster PA in November.... There were 23 of us ladies who took this trip... We shopped and shopped.... We ate in 4 Amish homes... They were all wonderful host and served wonderful dinners... Here is the sign we saw as we entered Intercourse... Enjoy the pictures....:)

We saw a lot of these buggies, this is what the Amish families use for transportation...:)

It was wash day when we were driving through the towns... :)

This is a very popular spot to shop... This was in Intercourse town.... We all had fun shopping... :)

This gal was getting around on her scooter.... :)

This is on of many schools for the Amish children... This school is from first grade to eight grade... The children for all grades go to the one school... They only go to school til the eight grade....There are many around because the children all walk or take there scooters to school... :)

Here are some of the children at recess,,, Ther were playing kickball... :)

I will post more later... There are so many pictures I took... You can not take pictures of the Amish folks because they do not want their picture taken... The farms land were beautiful and goes for miles and miles... Hugs :)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pics of your trip Jean!!! Loved them!!! I never realized that people ride horse buggies for transportation and kids use their scooters to and from school.