Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hug Pillows and Sashay Scarfs

These pillows I had made are called "Hug Pillows"... The pillows will be going to the hospital for the patients to use after they have surgery... The pink flower ones are for little girls, the blue airplaines are for little boys.... the burgundy is for women and the brown plaid is for men... I made 3 each out of flannel... These are comfort pillows for them to have... Hugs :)
I had knitted 8 of the Sashay scarfs for our Quilt Guild's Quilt show in October... They have a boutique table where they sell homemade items... Some people call these scarf's frilly... They were quick and easy to do... Hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Great job Jean on the pillows and the scarfs. The children and the adults will love the pillows. I know they will adore them.


LuAnn said...

The hug pillows are a great idea, and the scarves are beautiful. I have yarn for a couple of those in my stash and should get it out and work on them.