Thursday, November 7, 2013

Katy"s Quilt Top

Katy and a few of us did a shop hop two years ago and she (Katy) fell in love with this pattern... She asked me to do the hand embroidery and I said yes.... After Katy sewed the top together, she gave me the top to do the embroidery... Here is a closer look at the embroidery below....

It was done with stem stitch and cross stitches... I did not work on it steady but just under two years I was able to give it back to Katy.... Oh, I forgot to add that Katy mixed up the materials .... The white in the middle was suppose to be where the dark teal is... But, I think it looks lovely the way it is... She is also happy the way it came out... Enjoy Katy, I enjoyed doing this for you... Hugs :)

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