Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Cabin Fever Shop Hop"

Yesterday I went on a bus trip to 5 different Quilt Shops.... The trip was called "Cabin Fever Shop Hop"... There was 31 of us ladies who went... First we went to "Royce Quilting" shop in West Ben, WI.... then off to "The Sewing Basket" in Plymouth, to "Material Matters" in Cedarburg, WI... while we were here, I went across the street to "The Chocolate Factory" to get a turkey sandwich.. It was YUMMY... then off to "The Quilted Basket" in Menomonee Falls, WI...and Then off to "Patch Works" in Elm Grove, WI.... :) We started our day in West Bend at 8:30 am and returned back at West Bend to get our car to go home at 5:15 pm....At each shop they gave us discounts on our purchases and served sweets and or soup.... They also gave each of us a recipe and a free pattern from each shop... The shops listed above also gave us a $10.00 off coupon for our next return trip to their shops...:) This was a way I got to know other quilters and meet new people.... since I am new to the area and it was a great chance to see where there is other Quilt Shops were....Everyone was very friendly and on the bus as well as in the shops.... But, we know that quilters are friendly and nice... Some have great idea's and was willing to share their stories in how they got started in quilting... :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy St. Partrick"s Day

I completed this table topper in two days, that is quilting and binding... I will put a label on it today...Lynn do you recognize the material?? Thanks :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New TV

Debbie and I decided to purchase a Flat screen TV.... We were looking at them since November.... We were waiting for the prices to come down.... So, we waited till after the Supper Bowl in hopes that the price would come down.... But, the one we were looking at, the price went up about $800.00 more... Then we saw this one at Costco and decided on this one..... What a different with the HD channels... The sound and the picture is so much clearer.... We are enjoying watching our shows on this TV..... :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Visitor

This dear was hungry and came into our backyard to eat.... He looked at us when we took the picture.... What a beautiful deer to see up close..... approx. 100 yards from where we were standing..... This visitor was not startled by us.... There was another deer in the front of the house nest to us waiting for this one to finish eating.... This is Wisconsin..... :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine Table Topper

I made this Valentine Table Topper in Jan. '06, I designed this as well....I wanted to do something different....I appliqued the hearts to the squares and I hand quilted hearts in the border....It has sparkles in the border as well...I had fun doing this as well.... I guess you could say I found my passion in quilting.... :)

Debbie's place mats

I know some of you did not see the place mats I made for my sister in May 2008.... Debbie chose the pattern and the fabric.... It was a challenge and I had to design this myself....She did not want round place mat... I also made a circle mat to go in the center.... She was happy with the results.. :)

Christmas Siggy Quilt

This is my Christmas Siggy Quilt.... I had sewn the top together but, I do have one more border to add on.... For those who do not know what a Siggy Quilt is, let me tell you.... I joined a quilt group called "Dear Jane Alternative" and there are men and woman all over the world that joined as well... This quilt was a Christmas Swap and the rules in it was... center square to be 3 1/2" and light material... The outer square had to be in quality Christmas fabric.... in the center square we had to put our name, year, country, town and state you lived in and "Merry Christmas" in our native language. There were 165 of us who signed up for the swap and each of us had to make at least 165 squares of our own.... We had a deadline to get our squares done and mail to one person (known as Siggy Mom), and she would separate them in to 165 piles then ship them out to all who signed up for the swap... We did send postage along with our 165 Siggy's...It was like Christmas when the package arrived... So, many different blocks from all over the world...I had so much fun doing this so, I signed up for the Birthday '08 and '09 swap and the international swap... I am busy as the swap goes.... :)

Great Book

The reason I have not posted much lately is because I got hooked on this book.... I could not put this book down because it held your interest page after page... It is 3 books in one and it is a complete trilogy...... "Born in Fire, Born in Ice and Born in Shame"..... There is at least 759 pages to this book.... So, to say the least I did more reading than sewing...Oh well....This is a book that my sister had....She would laugh at me because my nose would be in the book allot of the time..:)

Debbie working on Snowball Quilt

Here is two pictures of my sister (Debbie) working on her Snowball Quilt... She cut out all her fabric, and now she is sewing the squares together.... She works on this quilt when she has a few minutes, or on the weekend when nothing is planned....So, she will be working on this quilt for a while because she works full time and it does not leave much time to sew... but, I will say she is doing a great job.... :)