Friday, June 26, 2009

Half Cabin Six

This the label that Debbie made and it is the first one that she drew by herself.... I came out great and you can see the color of the backing material she used.... What a great job matching the fabric for the backing.... The Lap Quilt is wonderful ... Great Job Sis..... :)

This is a lap quilt kit my sister bought at a quilt show.... You can do this pattern using 6 flat quarters... This is a pattern that Debbie enjoys doing, and she loved the combination of the fabric ....Debbie did a great job and she machine quilted it.... Sorry about the picture being side ways... Also, the picture did nothing for the fabric.... But, if you click on the picture , you will get a better view of the fabric....It is Beautiful.... :)


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Your sis did a nice job :o)

Suze said...

Finally a post...... I was beginning to wonder.

You are so right, it is a great quilt. You taught your sister well.

Of course I will send you a baby hat. As soon as I finish the shawl and stitching the binding on two quilts.


Kristie Leigh said...

I love this pattern. Your stitching is beautiful. Whose pattern is this by the way?