Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Red Work

I know that I have not posted in a while.... but, I was told by a friend that I did not have to wait until I finish something in order to post on my blog..... So, here is some of the blocks that I have finished..... This is the first project that I have done in Red Work..... I am making a Snowman quilt for my son's girlfriend, for Christmas..... I have more to do and I hope that I have it finish for Christmas.... And, Keith if you read this, please do not say anything..... Thanks..... Keith's girlfriend collect snowmen and I know she does not have a quilt like this.... Sure hope she loves it.... I did not put the buttons on yet.... You will see some pencil marks and that is where the buttons go.... I will post it when it is finished... :) I have also made a baby quilt for my niece... but, I can not show it just yet, because I am not sure she follows my blog and I want it to be a suprised..... I will post it next month because her shower is on th 16th of August.... :)


Colleen said...

Very very cute! I love the snowmen :o) I am sure she will love it. And nope, you don't have to have a finish to post. Post whenever you feel like it!

Stef said...

Very fun embroidery! And you can take it anywhere! Stef

Crispy said...

Oh what cute little snowpeople blocks. Your stitching is lovely.


Suze said...

You have a lot of stitches already in that project.

Where did you find the pattern?