Monday, August 24, 2009

Harley Museum

This is my sister son-in-law John.... John does own a Harley but, he enjoyed to be able to sit on this old bike.... John, Keith and Matt all enjoyed the museum......:)
The Picture above is me sitting on one of the newer bikes that you are allowed to sit on in the museum.... I think this is soooo cool.... but, I would never drive one, I am too scared and too old to own one.... But, if I could find a person who drives one then I would go for a ride ... I just love the sounds of a Harley.... Debbie, Lisa and I sorta found it a little boring, because it was the whole history of all the bikes Harley has ever made and we felt is was a "Boy Thing" .... None off us girls has ever been there and we wanted to see what it was all about..... :)

My son (Keith) came to Wisconsin to visit.... Keith was here for a week and I really am enjoying his visit.... While he was here he spent some quality time with his cousin Matthew and Lisa and John....He is such a great son.... I will hate to see him go home to Connecticut on Wednesday ..... I will be there in October to see him and my Grandson then to the Cape for a visit will my quilting friends and my Best friend....:)


Crispy said...

Yep it's a Boy Thing LOL. Did you rope them into going to a quilt know to balance things out? LOL


Kathy said...

make sure you give me a call--love to see you