Sunday, September 26, 2010

Braeden's First Birthday

We celebrated Braeden's Birthday yesterday even though he will be ONE on Monday....The top picture is of my sister (Debbie) and her daughter (Lisa) inflating the balloons to decorating the house for Breaden party... The house was decorated with the theme from the movie "Car's" .... The next picture is Braeden's cake and my sister made it for her grandson... What a wonderful job she did even though she had a tough time with the icing.... The last picture is of the Birthday Boy... He sure enjoyed the cake and all the company that was there... Thanks to Lisa and John (Braeden's parents) everyone had enjoy themselves, and had plenty to eat and drink... :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby Quilt

This quilt was made and quilted by my sister (Debbie)... Her daughter (Lisa) picked out the fabric for the new baby she is expecting in November...My sister picked out the blue accent color and the backing... Don't you just love the faces on the car's....You might have to click on the pictures to get a good view of the quilt...Debbie did a wonderful job in matching her corners.... Great job Sis ... :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Madison Quilt Expo

Last Thursday I went to the Madison Quilt Expo with a couple of my friends... Here are a few quilts that I saw... There was a few unique quilts there that I thought that you would love to see... The quilt with the girls, is a picture transferred to material... The picture is twin girls blowing bubbles, the bubbles were puffed out... The picture does not do justices for the actual quilt ... Enjoy the pictures and see how the works of art has come to life... :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruth's 80th Birthday

I was contacted by Ruth's Granddaughter (Katy) to see if I would like to go to her Grandmother Surprise Birthday Party and be the SURPRISED Guest....First I must till you that when I lived on Cape Cod, MA. ... I use to quilt with a bunch of wonderful ladies... That is when I met Ruth... We all became wonderful friends, and we would met at each other's house once a week and once a month we would sew with more friends .... A handful of us made a quilt for Ruth... The forth and the fifth picture are the ones who helped... They are Lynn, Jan, Sunny, Loraine, Peg, Judy, Joan, Debbie, Luanne, Nancy, Barbara, Adele, Myself, and Robyn....Everyone had a wonderful time...Ruth was surrounded by family and friends, we all enjoyed the day even though she did not want anything big for her Birthday.... We all got you Ruth ... :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mainers Compass

The first picture is a Mainers Compass... I had made the compass 3 years ago for someone and I had broken up with ...The compass was stitched on the "quilt smart" pattern... I found it to be easy to do.... I did not know what I would so with it until I found out that my Aunt is redoing her in closed porch... She was doing it in nautical decorations... I thought this would go well in that room... So, I finished it and will be giving it to her for Christmas.... I am sure she will be surprised and love it... :)

The second picture is a Crochet blanket I had made for a special friend who is going to be a Great-Grandmother for the first time... I am sure the baby will love it... The blanket is so soft and it will be great on the cool days and nights... :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Christmas Story 6, 7 & 8

These are the last three blocks that I have to stitch for The Christmas Story quilt.... Now, I have to trim them to the size of the pattern and start to put it together...The fabric's that I used was from my stash.... The Angel is suppose to have the center cut out and then stitch the roses on... I forgot to trim out the center, so I stitched the roses and leaves on as is... oops, I guess I made it different than all the other ladies who are making this quilt... :)