Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruth's 80th Birthday

I was contacted by Ruth's Granddaughter (Katy) to see if I would like to go to her Grandmother Surprise Birthday Party and be the SURPRISED Guest....First I must till you that when I lived on Cape Cod, MA. ... I use to quilt with a bunch of wonderful ladies... That is when I met Ruth... We all became wonderful friends, and we would met at each other's house once a week and once a month we would sew with more friends .... A handful of us made a quilt for Ruth... The forth and the fifth picture are the ones who helped... They are Lynn, Jan, Sunny, Loraine, Peg, Judy, Joan, Debbie, Luanne, Nancy, Barbara, Adele, Myself, and Robyn....Everyone had a wonderful time...Ruth was surrounded by family and friends, we all enjoyed the day even though she did not want anything big for her Birthday.... We all got you Ruth ... :)

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John'aLee said...

Beautiful quilt. How fun to be the 'surprise' guest. I had my own mom's 80th birthday party last year. I did it as a huge tea party and had everyone find a special 'teacup' to give her. I gave them tags to attach and asked them to write down a bible verse that reminded them of mom. It was quite a hit.