Sunday, September 11, 2011

Show and Tell

The pictures are from the Ladies that belong to the Friendship Group.... They brought in extra quilts that they have made... The first one is a table topper, next is a quilt that will be donated to "The Quilts of Valor", Then there is a quilt Mary made, and then it is Eileen's quilt.... the next picture are of Kathy and Eileen who were making faces at me on the other side of the table... Gotcha ya .... The last picture is the Quilt Shop (Ye Olde Schoolhouse in Cedarburg, WI ) owner Jeannie showing a crocheted bakini she recieved... In the top of the bakini is brillo pads... the bakini is croched and has a tag on it with a cute saying.... We all had a great laugh ...   Hugs :)

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Lee Prairie Designs said...

Cute post and I love the star quilt!! Hugs Carolyn :)