Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday Sewing Society

Here are some pictures of what the ladies brought to our group to share with us... We meet the 3rd Saturday of every month to sew and share our talents... The first two pictures were made by Peg P. ... They were lovely and Thanks for sharing Peg.... :)

Sorry, Peg... I forgot to post this wall hanging .... Peg made this wall hanging, The blocks were machine embroidery and they were beautiful... Peg has finished sewing on the binding.... :)

These three quilts were made by Nancy P. ... The first quilt is beautiful and the picture does nothing for the beauty of the quilt... The next two are table toppers or you could hang them... Nancy was quilting them and putting on the bindings... They all were so lovely... :)
This quilt was made by Kathy W. ... Again the picture does not do any good for what it looks like... The dark material has the nesting dolls on the print... What a beautiful job Kathy did on this quilt... :)

Here is Judy O. working on the blocks for the quilts of valor.... Just to let you all know if it wasn't for Judy to do all the organizing to keep Saturday Sewing Society going, we would not be meeting... She arranges everything to coffee, getting this room at the Brewster Senior Center, and making sure there is a cake and card for the ladies who has a birthday that month... We are very Thankful for all that she does.... Thanks Judy... If you click on any picture you can get a better look at them .... Hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of different quilts you have posted. I don't think Judy was aware that you took a picture of her.


Donna said...

You sew with a talented group of ladies! Love all the pics and so much inspiration!

Jan Marie said...

It looks like fun. I really love a couple of those quilts. Thanks for sharing.