Monday, March 12, 2012

Sanibel Beach

This the lighthouse on Sanibel Beach... The second picture of the lighthouse is a closer look ... It was the strangest lighthouse I have ever seen... Yes, it is a working lighthouse... :)

From Dunedin we went to Fort Myers... It was a 80 degree day and a lovely day for a walk of the beach... We did walk in the water, it felt like bath water, it was warm.... It was also a wonderful day to pick shells up from the beach... The sand was so warm on our feet.... We all just loved getting out in the sun... Hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Love the beach pics Jean!! What a beautiful beach. Thank you for sharing.


LuAnn said...

What a beautiful beach. Looks like a fun time....and the quilt shop in the previous post. I could spend a whole day in there. Glad you are having fun!