Thursday, March 29, 2012

Table Topper and Robyn

This table topper is called "Tulip Table Topper"... I made this for my coffee table .. I wanted something different for spring ... It was easey peasey to do and made in one day... I got the pattern in Florida when I was there last year.... Click on the picture and you can get a better look at it.... :)

A few of us ladies were at Robyn's Mom's house to sew and to get together.... While we all were sewing, Robyn was doing her cross Stitching... But, Cloe decided she wanted some affection... Cloe is a very sweet cat... The next two pictures are of what Robyn has done and ready to framed... Robyn does lovely work on her cross stitch... As you will see below the work she does ... :)

If you click on the pictures you can get a better look at Robyn's work... I just love her work, beautiful Robyn ... Hugs :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

What a beautiful table topper you made. Can't believe it took you one day. If I was trying it, it would probably take me a week.

I'm sure you will get alot of comments on the two cross stitching pictures I made.

Chloe loves having a lap time either on mom's lap or mine. Sometimes she'll go on Dad's lap.


Kate said...

I really like the tulip table topper. It is so unique and definitely says SPRING! As a x-stitcher I admire the x-stitch pieces.

Anonymous said...

Great job both of you. Love the tulips and Robyn always does a good job

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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