Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grace"s Jacket and Wounded Worrier Quilts

This is Grace's new jacket (swetshirt)... Her mom wanted the Harley Davison patch on it... Oh, I forgot to tell you that Grace is a dog (Pug)... She will be quite sweet in this swetshirt... Enjoy Grace.. :)

Here is Jan and Carol working on the quilts... Lynn is giving them instruction on how to quilt them... :)

Sally was looking at the quilt that Kathy made... Kathy was getting ready to layer it to quilt... :)

Of course Judy was quilting a quilt... I think she was threading her machine because she ran out of thread... :)

This is the lable we put on the quilts... Sorry, it is blurry but it say's "Created especially for you by The Cape Cod Quilters Guild 2012"... We also attached a baggie with washing instructions and a color catcher... :)

This quilt is all finished... These quilts will go to wounded service men who are in a wheel chair to cover them... I am sure they will be surprised and love what we did for them... We have about 15 lap quilts made to give... Everyone did a great job on their blocks made for these quilts... The ladies did a wonderful job quilting the quilts... Hugs :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Luanne's Birthday Brunch

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago... But, Luanne decided to celebrate her Birthday with the "Jenkins Gang" ... We all went to P-town and met at a restaurant for brunch.... It was wonderful... Here are all of us at the restaurant.... :)

This next picture is of Luanne and Kelly (her partner)... They are so much fun ... :)

Luanne gave everyone some candy kisses and a scratch card... I think everyone won something except a few of us and one did win $200.00.... When we left the restaurant we then went to Luanne's condo to have some cake... Like we had room for it, but Luanne did not know we made a quilt for her ... Judy read a write up of how it all came to be....:)

The next pictures is the quilt and a close up of the center... Oh, I forgot to let you all know that Luanne loves purple and she wanted a purple car for her birthday... LOL :)

Well, as you see Luanne got her purple car... We all signed the quilt and she has to give it back to be quilted... We all had a wonderful time... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Luanne.... Hugs :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Biscuit Basket"

This is called a "Biscuit Basket", a pattern from Aunties Two.... Carol came to our guilt meeting and talked about her products and how Aunties Two came about... Carol was a very interesting guest speaker and we all enjoyed her... I took her class the next day and made this biscuit basket.... The fabric's I used are pink and yellow peeps... I made it for my Grandson for his Easter Basket.... I will be making another one for me in different fabrics.... The class was fun and we all enjoyed making this basket... You can go to Carols web site at , there you can see all her patterns... Hugs :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

I want to wish all my Family, Friends and Blogging Friends a "Happy Easter"... My you all enjoy your day to the fullest and surrounded by friends and family... If you are traveling, please go safely and returned home safely... Hugs :)