Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Funraising Quilts"

These three quilts were to raise money for my girlfriend's brother-in-law who needed double lung transplant  surgery.... When Barbara told me that her brother-in-law needed the surgery and asked if I would make a quilt for a fund raising for him... I said that I would and when I was telling my friends on the Cape they wanted to help as well.... My friend Adele donated these three quilt kits... The top quilt is for a girl, the second is for a man, and the third is for a woman... Click on the to get a better look at the .... I was overwhelm with her generosity... She has a business in selling quilting products.... I sewed the tops together then quilted them... We did very well at the silent auction to raise money for the surgery.... A BIG Thanks to Adele ... Hugs :)

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