Monday, January 26, 2015

My Visit at Susan's House

I visited my friend Susan who lives in Grifton, NC... Her house is 4 hours east from where I live... We met when we were living on Cape Cod, MA.... I always enjoy visiting her... We had so many laughts and talked about quilting... We both were working on our cross stitch projects... We visited her friends while I was there... She has a wonderful group of friends and they welcome me with open arms... Here is a few pictures of lovely decorations that Susan did around her house for Valentine'...

This was what you saw when you enter her house through the front door... How cute is this... :)

This is her dining room table.. She is so creative... :)

This chair is in her living room and the pillow is a cross stitch she has made.. So sweet... :)

These books were on a desk next to the chair... I fell in love with this idea... :)

Susan and I were making crystal beads lamp shade... These shades are small and fit on a candle light (like the one you would put in your window at Christmas)  that she had in her kitchen as a night light ...This is Susan working hard on her shade... This room is her kitchen nook where we eat our meals while I was there.. Boy is she a great cook and she shared some of her recipes with me... Thanks Susan for all you have done for me... Wonderful time and great friend... :)

Of course I had to add her dog "Wade Hamilton" who became a good friend to me...n I love him and he greets me every morning... I hope you enjoyed my visit with Susan... I will post my cross stitch when it is delivered to the person who is getting it... I do not want to spoil my surprise... I will post some of the things that I bought while I was there... Hugs and Stitches... :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another finish

Stacey (my grandson's mom) wanted a runner for her entertainment center... She wanted one to have out for the rest of the year... This table runner is called "Cornerstone"... I hope she will like it... :)

It is on my design wall ... Both of these table runner is hers... I finished quilting them and now to put the binding on... I will take a picture of them when they are all done... I thought you would like a peak at them first... :)

Here is a closer look at it...  It looks busy but, when you stand back it is cute....Hugs and Stitches...:)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Stacey's Christmas table runner

My Grandson's mom wanted a Table runner to put on her entertainment center for the Christmas holiday... The fabric was chosen by Stacey and the pattern is called "Mirror Image" ... Her entrainment center is 50 inches long ... This is the only pattern I could find to fit it... :)

Here is a closer look at the fabric...:)

Here is a picture of a plant my friend (Susan) gave me on one of my visits to her house... Susan lives on the East side of the state and I visit her every 3 months ... I met Susan while I was living on Cape Cod  MA...I have known her for about 10 years... She is a great inspiration for me...Oh I wanted Susan to see the flower....  :)

 That is my new kitten sitting on the window ledge... Cali is looking at the leaves blowing around... Her and her sister loves sitting there... :)

Also, I have to post both cats sleeping together for the first time... Cali and Princess  are comfy in their new bed... Even though I got two they like this one the best... Hugs :)

   I hope everyone enjoyed their visit ... Hugs and Stitches  :)