Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two more finishes

Hi all and Thanks for stopping by... I have  two more finishes that I started some time ago.... The first picture is a Cross Stitch that I started before Christmas... :)

Now all I have to do is get it framed... I do not know why the picture is yellow... I guess it is the light because I took it at night... That is not a stain on it it is my shadow.... It feels great to have it completed... It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but, now it will have to be a birthday gift... :)

This is a infinity scarf. My friend showed me how to make it in August and all it needed was to hand stitch the opening closed.... It just feels great to get some UFO's finished.... I still have a few more things to finish up... When I am done with them I will post them... Hugs and Stitches  :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hobo Pocketbooks

Hi Everyone... Two years ago I was visiting my Aunt and her children and grandchildren were there visiting... It was Thanksgiving, when I got there they all feel in love with my Hobo Pocketbook... So, I asked them what color they wanted... Between making them and moving I have finally finished them... They were in storage til I moved onto my house and then I had to get settled and organize my sewing room... They will go into the mail tomorrow... I hope they will like them.. Hugs

This one is for my Aunt... It is just like the one I had... :)

This one is for her daughter-in-law, Lisa... She was the only one who was not there ... I did not want to leave her out and I hope she will like my choice of color... :)

This green one is for my aunt's oldest daughter Donna.. She chose green.. :)

This blue bag is for my aunt's youngest daughter Michele... :)

This one is for my Aunt's granddaughter Megan... Megan is Donna's  daughter... :) 

Here is all 5 Hobo pocketbooks... It was a challenge to get them all done but it is a long wait and they will all be surprised to get them... :)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me... My new years gole is to get a few things done that I have started... Maybe my UFO's will all be caught up... Hugs and Stitches  :)