Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hobo Pocketbooks

Hi Everyone... Two years ago I was visiting my Aunt and her children and grandchildren were there visiting... It was Thanksgiving, when I got there they all feel in love with my Hobo Pocketbook... So, I asked them what color they wanted... Between making them and moving I have finally finished them... They were in storage til I moved onto my house and then I had to get settled and organize my sewing room... They will go into the mail tomorrow... I hope they will like them.. Hugs

This one is for my Aunt... It is just like the one I had... :)

This one is for her daughter-in-law, Lisa... She was the only one who was not there ... I did not want to leave her out and I hope she will like my choice of color... :)

This green one is for my aunt's oldest daughter Donna.. She chose green.. :)

This blue bag is for my aunt's youngest daughter Michele... :)

This one is for my Aunt's granddaughter Megan... Megan is Donna's  daughter... :) 

Here is all 5 Hobo pocketbooks... It was a challenge to get them all done but it is a long wait and they will all be surprised to get them... :)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me... My new years gole is to get a few things done that I have started... Maybe my UFO's will all be caught up... Hugs and Stitches  :)

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