Monday, March 30, 2015

Sarasota Quilt Show

While I was in Florida I went to the west coast to Fort Meyers.... Ruth and I went to Debbie S. house and stayed a few days....  While we were there we went to the Quilt Show in Sarasota... It was small bet we had fun ... Here are a few pictures from the quilt show... Hope you all enjoy ... :)

I like the Black and White with a little Red... It was striking... :)

I am always drawn to hand stitchery on a quilt ... It was well done..:)

I am also a fan of applique ... This one was simple but beautiful ... :)

This one is amazing wall quilt... If you had a country theme in your home, this one would be great on the wall... Or, if you had a boy I am sure he would love this one... It is the first country wall hanging I have seen that I liked.... :)

You have to click on this wall hanging to really appreciate the humor .... It just made us smile... :)

I did not want to bore you with more pictures but, I will post them another time....  I hope you enjoyed the ones that  I posted... Till next time remember,  keep sewing ladies and gents... Hugs and Stitches :)


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sugar Cane

On the way to Fort Meyers, FL We saw the smoke and they were burning the Sugar Cane field... They burn them to get rid of the leaves on the came ... Then they harvest the cane to bring to the factory to make  sugar from the cane... Here is another  pictures... If you click on them you can see the flames from the fires :)

I will be adding tomorrow pictures from Sarasota Quilt show that we went to ... After the quilt show we also did some shop hop to different quilt shops...  We had so much fun... Hugs and Stitches  :)

This is the sunset we had in Fort Myers, FL.  ... I was not able to get a good shot of the sunset... :)


This crane came to visit while we were on my friends deck in Fort Meyers... A certain time a day it would always show up...  Hugs :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Florida Vacation

I went to Florida to visit my quilting friends ... I stayed in Jupiter then we went to Fort Myers to visit another of our friend... Here are a few pictures... :)

I went on a boat ride... This is the boat that Ruth's daughter's husband owns... He got it ready and then off we went... :)

 We headed out from Ruth's dock... This is the view and it was above 80's, so it was a wonderful day to be on the water... :)

Can you imagine living in this house on the water.... I saw this house and thought I would never have time to enjoy the water... It is too much to keep clean and I would be cleaning every day, lol.... This is a beautiful house... :)

There was plenty of pelicans on the water... I could not get a picture of them but, Cindy took this and shared it with me... They are amazing.... :)

We all went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner... Ruth's granddaughter and boyfriend is in the back ground... There was 7 of us there and the guy put the veggies on the grill to cook... :)

To entertain us this is what he did with the onions... It is always interesting to watch them cook in front of us...:)

This is Katy and Justin sitting across from me... We were so full and had to take some food home for another day... I hope you enjoyed some of my pictures from my vacation... I will post pictures tomorrow from a quilt show and my trip over to Fort Myers... Hugs and Stitches :) 

Yes, I wanted to wish everyone "Happy Saint Patrick Day" and do not drink to much GREEN :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

A cute wall hanging

I was in Florida and when I returned I got a surprise in the mail... My sister sent me this wall hanging ... You have to know that my sister was born a day before Halloween ... As children we always called her witch when we were teasing her... I do not call her that anymore ... When I was living in WI with my sister I taught her how to quilt... I am so proud of her in all the things she has made ... She has even taught herself how to quilt with her sewing machine... A BIG THANKS Sis... I just love it and I will always think of you when I see this.... I miss you all the time... Hugs and Stitches... :)