Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sarasota Quilt Show Continue

I know I have delayed to show a few more quilts that was at Sarasota Quilt Show.... I hope you enjoy these quilts... :)

This quilt was amazing of all the small details... The second picture is the bathroom... the ducks were sweet but the embroidery on the side of the tub is beautiful,,, there was lots of small embroidery through out this quilt...Click on the picture and maybe you can see more embroidery.... In the tub has some fluff in it to resemble soap... Great work on this one... :)

I love blue birds so I had to take a picture of this quilt ... I also love applique quilts and this one was done beautiful... :)

I love the fabrics used in this quilt... :)

The flowers in this quilt is very pretty... :)

We had lunch at an Amish restaurant...  These two Amish people were looking at the post cards that they sell.... :)

The lunch we had was wonderful and of course I had to show you my desert ... Yes the "lemon pie" was sooooo good... It was the best I ever had... I hope you love the quilts that I shared with you... I will post more thing I have been working on tomorrow.... Hugs and Stitches  :)


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