Saturday, September 5, 2015

My trip to Myrtle Beach

Hi Everyone... I have been absent for a few months.... I am sorry for not posting sooner but, here are a few things that I have been up to...I hope you enjoy this post... My sister remind me that I need to put something on my blog... Enjoy :)

I went to Myrtle Beach in S.C. with my friend Barbara.... What a great week, I am ready to get to the beach... This picture of me is on the patio of our room... great weather... :)

Yes, those are my legs... Someone told me they look like hot dogs... REALLY  :)

This is Barbara and she ready to hit the beach as well...:)

The view and weather was great... The water was also great..:)

We did take a trip on this Casino ship... No, we did not win but, we enjoyed the entertainment on the upper deck... :)

We also enjoyed the view out on the front deck as we were sailing out to sea....  :)

This was the upper deck where there was entertainment... The guy singing had a wonderful voice, he was great entertainment...  Hugs :)

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