Sunday, September 6, 2015

Problems with the House I Bought

I bought my house in April 2114... In November I had to replace the heating system... :(  Then as you see in the pictures above shingles started sliding on my roof... The roof is only 2 years old, so I had to hire someone to fix the roof.... They said that who ever put the roof on nailed the shingles very close to the end of the the heat made them heavy and slid down.... UGG  :(

Then at the end of May I had to replace my air conditioner ... This is the new one I had put in... If that is not enough, last month my oven would not work... It is a gas oven and I thought home inspection was suppose of see all these things before I bought the house... So, to say the last 16 months I have had enough problems... Thank God I have my health... My savings keeps going dry...  And I thought things happen in threes ... But, my chin is up and I hope and pray all goes much better from here on out.... :)

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