Thursday, March 29, 2012

Table Topper and Robyn

This table topper is called "Tulip Table Topper"... I made this for my coffee table .. I wanted something different for spring ... It was easey peasey to do and made in one day... I got the pattern in Florida when I was there last year.... Click on the picture and you can get a better look at it.... :)

A few of us ladies were at Robyn's Mom's house to sew and to get together.... While we all were sewing, Robyn was doing her cross Stitching... But, Cloe decided she wanted some affection... Cloe is a very sweet cat... The next two pictures are of what Robyn has done and ready to framed... Robyn does lovely work on her cross stitch... As you will see below the work she does ... :)

If you click on the pictures you can get a better look at Robyn's work... I just love her work, beautiful Robyn ... Hugs :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sanibel Beach

This the lighthouse on Sanibel Beach... The second picture of the lighthouse is a closer look ... It was the strangest lighthouse I have ever seen... Yes, it is a working lighthouse... :)

From Dunedin we went to Fort Myers... It was a 80 degree day and a lovely day for a walk of the beach... We did walk in the water, it felt like bath water, it was warm.... It was also a wonderful day to pick shells up from the beach... The sand was so warm on our feet.... We all just loved getting out in the sun... Hugs :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dunedin Florida

This is one of a few quilt shop we went to... It was located on the west side of Florida, in Dunedin... It is called "Rainbows End"... There was so much to see her that it was overwhelming.... We drove from Juniper (on the east coast) to Dunedin a three hour ride .... A friend of ours met us for lunch and then we went to the quilt shop... We all found some fabric's that we had to have.... One of the ladies that worked there would only let me take a picture of the shop in front of the store only.... In the second picture you can see Ruth J. with a bolt fabric in her arm... You would have to click on the picture to get a better look....  Hugs :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Vacation in Flordia

Hi all... I just got back from Florida... I was staying at my friends (Ruth J.) house.. Here are a few things we worked on while I was there.... This wall hanging was a gift that I received from Ruth J. for Christmas... I decided to get it done while I was on vacation... The angle is by Jim Shore and his fabrics... It was quick and easy to do and I had it done in one day... Click on the picture and you can get a better look at it... :)
These two Saint Patrick Day wall hangings were made by Ruth J. .... She made these wall hangings for a friend and her sister... Ruth has made one for every month for them... They are so cute and I love the shamrock button on their hats... Lovely job Ruth... :)

I helped Ruth to put these pictures squares together for her.... They are pictures of her husband and their children and their children..... The squares around the pictures are fabric's from her late husband shirts...Then I framed them with the black... Ruth will be putting them in a frame so she can give them to each of the children and their children for Christmas... What a wonderful idea and a beautiful memory to have these... :)
Here is a closer look at the whole pictures...I put 9 of them together for her... Don't you just love the idea she had... :)
This is Ruth's dog Jody... She is the sweetest ever... Every morning she would come into my room to wake me so I could take her out and to feed her breakfast... I surly miss my alarm clock...:)

While I was working on the picture's blocks, Ruth was working on this shirt quilt for herself... The pictures in this quilt top are of her and her husband... I love the shirts and the stitching she put on the shirts... The shirts are the ones her husband had worn... Some were will worn and very thin, but we put a cotton interfacing on the back of them... What a wonderful memory quilt she made... The next picture is of a closer look of the shirts... :)

Click on the picture and you can see the stitching she has done on each shirt... I hope I did not bore you these pictures and I have many more to post for another day... But, I had a wonderful time at Ruth's and lots of laughs... Thanks Ruth this hug is for you  ... Hugs :)